Rich Media

  • November 23, 2020

Rich Media

Pictures that move! A more engaging way to interact with your audience! Rich Media compositions are animated, eye-catching and present a prominent call-to action. Check out some examples of our latest works below and discover how Rich Media can benefit your project today!

Rochester • Big Dreams

Animated visuals for recording artist Rochester for his “Big Dreams” single. Animated galaxy and clouds with shooting stars and firing rocket.

University St. from Shangri-La

The bustling rush of the city’s din falls far below the 51st floor of the Shangri-La, Downtown Toronto.

Union & Front

Looped timelapse of the busy pedestrian traffic afoot at Front and Union, Downtown Toronto.

University St. • Toronto

City lights illuminate the dark with cars rushing through like arteries to the heart.

Beaugé • Sip Slow

Cinemagraph of “the package arriving” for Beauge’s “Sip Slow”. Seamless loop… less the duck.